Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell

Law of Attraction Expert

Natalie is a Law of Attraction evangelist. She positively impacts the lives of thousands of people around the world every day by empowering them to achieve their dreams by first knowing what they want then creating a personal “digital” vision board or Mind Movie to invoke the principles of The Law of Attraction.

In 2006 Natalie experienced a life changing epiphany when she watched a movie called The Secret. This lead her down an inspired path of Law of Attraction research and application.

Now Natalie gratefully lives a life beyond her wildest dreams. She lives an endless summer, travels the world, and has an incredible circle of friend who share her positive mindset and provides amazing support. She calls her mentors Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale, friends. She wakes up next to her perfect partner, sees the ocean from her apartment, drives a beautiful car that she didn’t think she could ever afford, eats out when she wants and doesn’t check the price tag on the clothes she buys.

In 4 short years Natalie along with her husband Glen and business partner Ryan Higgins built a multi million dollar online business and are grateful that through this business they are making a difference.

Natalie has also created an easy to apply Law of Attraction program called 7 Secrets to Happiness after she analyzed the success of Mind Movies and applied those specific principles to her weight loss goal – size 14 to size 10 in 7 weeks in time for her 40th birthday.

Natalie is currently writing a book to further reach more people and spread the Law of Attraction message plus she is sharing her practical, entertaining and poignant journey on stage to any audience willing to have her. Her favorite food is a toss up between sushi and cheese and her favorite pastime is great food, great wine, great conversation with great friends all around the world.

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